When to start 30-week plan?

Hi all,

Just purchased the new 30-week plan, I’m excited to get into it! I think, for once, I’m planning this early enough so it may not actually be time to start the plan yet. Any advice on how to time the plan to best accommodate the major milestones I have on my 21/22 plan?

  • Two remaining CX races, 10/30 and 11/20. These are C races for me, but I don’t want to start breaking myself down too much with weights before then.
  • B-race on March 12.
  • A-race on August 14. Looking at either SBT GRVL or Breck Epic (3-day).

This leaves me with 13 weeks after finishing the 30-week plan, until my A race. Good idea to start now and leave room for two blocks of interval training, or push it back to November start to time it for one block of race-specific interval plan?


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Timing is everything. I would just go ahead and start after your cross season. I would recommend the two week off season break. Then starting your 30 week plan, which would lead into a 6 week interval (gravel plan). You don’t want to do 13 weeks of interval training as your CTL would drop from doing more intensity and less volume. And having a huge base would be important for something like SBT GRVL or Break Epic


Glad Coach Jake posted this here bc I am going to podcast about Timing is Everything this week.

Part 2 coming up :muscle: