3 months, 3 100km gravel events

Hi, as per title I have 3 events in the next 3 months, the first of which is 8th July.
I intend to start Gravel grinder -intermediate-hilly next week to prep for the first one.

As there is only 4 weeks between events I am unsure what training protocol to follow.
Should I follow a plan which has the final event as the main focus or make the middle event the main one.

Reading course descriptions the one in August has more climbing while the last one in September has more rolling terrain.

Thanks in advance

Hey @alanwlkr6 ,
I think a good solution for having only 4 weeks between events is to use the Gravel In-Season training plan. You’d want to start it after your first event in July and use it to prep for the 2nd event, then for the last event, either finish out the last 2 weeks of that plan then do the 2 week taper plan, or switch to the flat gravel plan and do the last 4 weeks of it, which will take you into race day.

Thanks, will have a look at both Gravel in Season and Flat Gravel plan