Long and Climbing Gravel Grinder

Hi, I’m looking to purchase one of the training plans. I have a base built up, but am looking for some more structure prior to my A race of the year (more fitness, endurance, and top end). The race is in mid-october and is a 120 mile long gravel grinder with 10,000 feet of climbing. Is there a particular plan that you would recommend? I was looking at the gravel grinder plan, the in season gravel, and then some of the more event specific plans (like steamboat gravel for example). I was looking for a 6 week plan.

Also, if I know that I won’t be available for one week in the middle of the training plan, can I move the first two weeks of planned training “up” in Training peaks? So it would basically have two weeks of training, then somewhat of a rest week due to work, and then resuming the plan up until the race.


Go with the Gravel Grinder Plan. That has some higher intensity efforts in it and will be a great build up towards your event.

The fourth week of the plan is a rest week, so you will just need to swap weeks 3 and 4 by the sounds of it. That would work best. You can just copy and paste the weeks around to fit your schedule.

Great, thanks for the input Jake.

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