Gravel events under 100

I was wondering what plan is suggested for gravel events under 100 miles. I have a 100k event (Loudoun 1725 in VA) and a 77 mile (BWR Wafer - Asheville) event coming up. Maybe I’m missing where event duration/distance it in the plan descriptions.

Gravel Grinder Hilly followed by Gravel In Season Hilly?

Hi @jmkizer - our gravel plan is going to be your goto. We don’t attached distances to gravel events but suffice it to say they will be long and hard and as such your training in these plans will prepare you for that :slight_smile:

Gravel Hill followed by Gravel In Season both sound spot on:

Thanks! I was just afraid that the plans assumed a 100-200 mile gravel event and I am signed up for a 60 mile and a 77 mile event… That’s like saying that an Oly or HIM athlete should just use an IM plan.

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