2021 ATP for July Peak

Hi Frank and team,

First of all I would like to say a big thanks for all your help and advice this year. I have really enjoyed following your plans and they have definitely helped me become a faster and more complete cyclist. This season I have completed the 18 SS plan, SS part 4 and I am now in the last two weeks of Hill Climb intervals. For the rest of this season I plan to just enjoy myself, hit a few PR’s/KOM’s and not follow any structure until my end of season break.

I have already started to plan my calendar for 2021 with a view to peaking for my A event 4th July. I would appreciate some guidance or confirmation if I am on the right track. My planned schedule is as follows.

5-19th Oct end of season break -> 3wk foundation ->10wk weights ->18wk SS -> rest week -> 6wk Hill Intervals -> one week taper -> event

Many thanks,

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Ya @philliphammill - you pretty much nailed it spot on right there. As long as that fits you’ll be A $$ and then post event you could add in sweet spot part 4 - works after the three sweet spots or mid-season.

Good luck FtFP’ing!

That’s great, thank you Frank! Thanks also for the additional SS pt4 tip!