18 Weeks plus Phil's Fondo

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I own the 18 week sweet spot plan as well as the phil’s fondo plan.

I’m hoping that the cookie madness still is happening so I’ve started training. I’ve done about two weeks of training already but decided to start on the 18 week plan. Unfortunately, that has me ending about 3 weeks before the fondo so I’m trying to reorg my TP calendar to do the full fondo plan.

Is there a way to break up the 18 week plan and start with the 2nd block? I mean I can manually do it in TP but that’s a pain to delete each work out and move things around. Was wondering if there was an easier way to do it.


Hi @seth when I talked to Phil last week post Everesting the Cookie Madness was still on :crossed_fingers:

To edit your plan you can copy and paste entire week(s) to move them around - look for the little bar in the upper right of each workout. Highlight the day, use the shift key to highlight the entire block you want to cut and past , et voila !

@FRANK Thanks for the inside info on the cookie fondo. That’s good news.

Thanks too for the tip about TP. I don’t know how I missed that before.

I notice that after finishing my SS plan my CTL is high but then it drops down about about 15% at the end of the Phil’s Fondo plan. Is that to be expected?

Thanks again!