18 week sweet spot - where/when to do some zwift races and follow up FTP test


I’m 5 weeks into the 18 week plan, loving it. Targeting my A race for Belgian Waffle SoCal with some other long stuff like CO2UT that I’ll train through.

The plan kicks off with an FTP test, but I didn’t see where in the plan to do a second, possibly a 3rd to benchmark improvements.?

Also, I enjoy racing on zwift. When/where would you recommend doing those races? Could a race take the place of a Tuesday hard z4 day? Thanks!

Hey @john.hancock !
Glad you are enjoying the plan so far :slight_smile:

The plan starts and ends with an FTP test, no need to over test and do another in between those two.

Regarding zwift racing, you can do those if/when your plan calls for an attack-eque group ride on the weekends (which is found later in SSP3).

Check out this thread for more info on that:
Can I Modify My Training Plan to Work Around the ZRL Season 2>

Many thanks @FRANK !

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Woops, i meant thank you @Lacey_Rivette !


Hi John,

Also if you do Zwift racing like @Lacey_Rivette says you can use those to help determine your FTP. Most of those races are done at or near threshold. If at an hour or more and your intensity factor is over 1 than you may need to adjust it.

We typical don’t find the need to over test and use other methods to help determine FTP such as hard group rides, KOM attempts or races.

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Totally, makes sense @Jake

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