16 Week Weights + Base Plan Q

I know coaching thru email is a service that one pays for, but I’m hoping I can bother you with one quick question.

I’m currently on your 16 week resistance + sweet spot (base) plan, and I’m about 6 weeks in, which means I’m just about to finish the heavy lifting. I feel like this is a huge area of possible improvement for me as I’ve done essentially zero real lifting in the past. I see that the plan has another three weeks of “power” lifting and then nothing in the gym for the duration.

Should I consider 1.) integrating any type of lifting into the rest of the base period? 2.) look for an in-season plan that incorporates some lifting or 3.) is the idea that these gains can be carried throughout the season with proper work on the bike?

I should say, my goal is to pick up points throughout the season and possibly upgrade to catt three by the end of the season.


Michael Brady

Floor Lead Rapha Boulder


Performance Roadwear


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Hi Michael - #3 stick with the plan and remember you are a bike racer not a weight lifter. Your time is best spent on the bike as we have designed it except for the 10 week resistance training plan/phase you are in.