10 weeks strength training question

I have just started the 10 week strength training program.
I have a couple questions.

First, do you think it is a ok to record heart rate during a strength session, than plug this in to training peaks, along with duration, to get a hrTSS? Do you think this artificially inflates fitness? Or is this a good thing?

Do you think it is ok to do a brisk walk for some of the cool downs after strength training instead of a ride?


I don’t recommend recording TSS for strength training sessions. TSS is a measure of aerobic stress, and the stress put on your body during strength training is very different to the stress generated by most on-bike training. Check out Frank’s answer to the same question awhile back, where he shares his experiences during the development process of the Performance Management Chart: Weight program TSS?


Ok, thanks. My understanding is that TSS is calculated using power, HR, time, intensity.

My dilemma is when doing strength training my heart rate does get up, so it does feel somewhat aerobic and I am sure there is some fatigue carried over, especially after doing circuit training such as Nino’s.

Yes, there’s definitely some fatigue carried over from strength training workouts. For that reason, during strength blocks, you may carry more fatigue in your legs than what your TSB says you should be feeling. Trying to account for that fatigue by feeding the PMC is generally an exercise in futility, though. In the case you use HR to calculate TSS, the TSS still won’t match the fatigue you feel in your legs, and will slightly artificially inflate your CTL. In the case you manually enter high TSS values from lifting to try to make TSB feel accurate, you’ll artificially inflate CTL even more, and in exchange for temporarily making your TSB feel “right,” you’ll have a PMC that’s not accurate long-term.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “All models are wrong, but some are useful.” The PMC is a great tool but it’s just not designed to account for every single type of stress you can put your body under.

Ok. Thanks.

I will make sure and not add TSS to my strength workouts. :+1:t3: