TSS Scores - Can one help?

Hi Guys

I have a question.

I had a 50 min interval training on the plan with an estimatet TSS Score of 65.
I did a shorter slower training instead because of fatigue.

Now the TSS of this training was 122.
Screenshot shows everything.

How ist that possible?

Lots of issues here and to look at.

First you can not have more than 100 TSS in 60 minutes with an accurate set FTP. So first thing is to make sure that your FTP is set properly.

Second thing to look at is to see if the data that was uploaded is accurate. Was this a run? Assuming it is based on heart rate? Make sure there are no bad data points in the heart rate. Sometimes straps can have spikes which will skew the TSS. Go back into the graph and make sure that your heart rate looks accurate to the effort.

Thank you first of all.

I have set an ftp based one a 10k run.

The hr doesn’t have any spikes only when i paused than it’s gone. The average was 134 so not too high aso you see in the picture.
It’s not the first time this happens.

So you use pace based FTP to track TSS. I’m sorry I don’t know much about that and how it is calculated.

However looking at your graph you had a segment int there where your pace was far higher than the rest of the run. I’m guessing that played a big factor towards calculating the TSS.

I would just manually adjust the TSS based on feel. A 132 TSS efforts would be like doing 90 minutes as hard as you can.

What other messure should I take for the running ftp?

If you have a way to measure power with running yes you can do that. Or you can do heart rate as well.

Which ever way you use you should always use the same way so that the numbers are consistent.

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