Resistance training- went way over TSS

Went way over TSS (+120) on the second week of Strength leading into Power. A lot of it came from Sunday’s 3hr endurance (+60) where I got caught out in heavy wind.
On Monday morning I woke up really tired, so took a recovery day. On Tuesday I did my first power workout and had a very good day. Should I push through with the remaining workouts as a block through Sunday, or should I omit one of the workouts for another rest day this week? I currently have a good resting heart rate and feel pretty energetic.

You could do a few things here. If you have the time take Thursday off like you would on Wednesday. Then Friday do the power workout in the morning and in the afternoon / evening do the standing starts. Can cut that down to just an hour workout. Or you could just do directly after lifting.

Or you could take Thursday off do the power lifting on Friday and Saturday do the standing starts ride but ride zone 2 afterwards to get in the 2 - 2.5 hours total.

So I would still have the rest day. This way you can get the most from the second power and standing start workout as opposed to being fatigued through it and maybe not getting the most.

One thing you did learn before starting a base period is how important it is not to get carried away on a weekend as it could carry over into the next week and effect workouts. However after the resistance phase Mondays become off days which really helps after long weekends! Seems you recovered well after just that one off day.

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Thanks. I like the idea of working in the standing starts after the resistance training as I am warmed up. Then back to FTFP!

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