Weight workouts tTSS skews weekly TSS?


I’m into the last week of Adaptaion in the resistance portion of the 32 week SST plan.

I have noticed that a) the warmup and cooldown rides and b) the actual weight workout push the weekly TSS over the target. For example, a 15 minute WU and 15 minute CD total about 16-20 TSS and 45 minutes of weights and Nino account for around 40 tTSS.

Over a week, this can add up substantially, an additional ~60 tTSS per session X 2 = 120 TSS additional! Some weeks there are 3 sessions. This week the target TSS is 240 and if I #FtFP, I will be more in the 375 range. I’m assuming stress is stress.

Is that stress included in the overall plan calculation?

I don’t think it really matters @bruce.law .

You are super splitting hairs with the CTL 's - remember the 1/2 life of CTL is 42 so in 42 days it won’t matter mathematically in 42 days.

The #1 goal of the Adaptation phase is to prepare you for the Hypertrophy soooooo CTL takes a big backseat. #dontsweatthesmallstuff

Thanks @FRANK. I was thinking that this is a ‘light’ week but the TSS is almost the same as a ‘heavy’ week.

I will continue to #FtTP.