My TSS score vs projected TSS

Hey Coaches and Fellow Fascatters

I’m currently doing the 32 week off-season training plan. And I ca n’t seem to ever reach the prescribed TSS score. Is this good or bad? I’m on a Kickr smart trainer using Zwift and training peaks. Is my ftp set too low that I’m not working hard enough? I feel pretty strong and I can do all the workouts and have no problems with soreness, some days are better than others.

Any suggestions? I don’t think I have a field test until early February.

Hi @john.felke if you are following your plan including the wattages and durations , it probably is that your FTP is set too low.

Do you have any historical data, tests, peak 60 minutes normalized power outputs to help you get close?

Also how far short are you? 2-5% is no big deal… 10% and you want to examine why


So a few of my workouts this past two weeks I noted below. Pretty low in the TSS score, and my fitness has been hovering around 30 for a while.

Endurance Zone 2 : 2 Hours : 98TSS
Actual : 59

Tempo 3x10 : 1:10 : 66 TSS
Actual 40 TSS

Tempo 2x10 : 1 hour : 55TSS
Actual 33TSS

Either you didn’t ride in your zone 2 wattages or you did and your FTP is set too high.

Would have to analyze the data to say for sure.

Look at your power to heart rate ratio too

Does this help?

It helps - looks like your FTP is set about 10% too high. Lower it by that and see if you don’t hit your TSS’s going forward.

I’d need to be able to analyze your power data to tell you more.

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