10 week Strength plan

Question. During the hypertrophy phase when it says 6 sets per workout does that mean 2 sets per exercise?

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6 sets perrrrr exercise

So six sets of squats
Six sets of Hypertrophy
Six Sets leg Curl.

Its hard! But you will get faster :muscle:


I’m dropping it to between 60-70. So I am ensuring I get all the TiZ recommended. Thanks

I’m 9 days away from hypertrophy. Nervous already! It looks brutal!


No doubt it will be tough, but YOU GOT THIS!! :muscle:t3:

This is my 2nd year of doing the strength plan and I can’t remember if I did it incorrectly last year.

Do I do ALL the squats, then all the leg presses, and then all the leg curls. I think last year I originally started off doing a set of squats, then leg press, then leg curl. Then going back and doing the next set in the same order.


I’m starting the 16 wk. plan and the resistance overview doc. specifies “1 plate each for the leg press”. Question is what lb. plate should that be? 5lbs.? 10 lbs.? Thanks

25- 45lb plates, depending on your body size and strength

Yes, all squats then all leg press then all leg curls :ok_hand:


I just purchased the 32 week plan and looked ahead at the strength phase. I’m really looking forward to hitting the gym and walking up the stairs sideways. Squats 4 days a week, yeehawwww.


I’m just coming towards end of week 3, being final adaptation week.

Is there any advice on what kind of weight I should be pushing at the end of this phase in comparison to what I’ll be doing in hypertrophy? With hypertrophy being 6x10 I’m guessing it could be similar to where I’m ending the 4x8 currently?


One more question. I feel I have hit as high A weight as I am going to to progress to for 4x8 adaptation … and still complete all 4sets.

Can I swap my last adaptation day (day 9 of 9 in gym) for the 1RM day instead ie bring 1RM forward by 2 days?

I feel I’ll be better ready/less fatigued for Monday ie day 1 of hypertrophy.

Don’t do that - always FtFP - its designed that way for a reasonnnnnn! (the 9th adaptation is important - do not skip)

Thought you’d say that. I’ll stick with it.

I Just need to work out how to get to the gym on Sunday for the 1RM session as the gym is an hour away near work.

Looking for any tips for Sunday’s 1RM day please.

  1. I assume no need to warm up on. Ike before hand and 6 moderately weighted reps will be ok?

  2. When you say 6 moderately weighted reps to warm up, what % of attempted 1RM would this usually be?

  3. Am I ok doing 1RM session early morning and the 100 TSS ride late evening?

I Am a little concerned by going into hypertrophy quite tired after 150 TSS Saturday and 1RM and 100 TSS Sunday, but I assume that all part off the plan!


@ Yes, all the squats, then all the leg presses, then all the leg curls: ok_hand:
Start Monday with Hypertrophy (Heavy)
Do I understand this in the right manner?
all squats set 1 to set 6. How long is the break between sets,
all leg. Press set 1 to set 6, how long break!
all Leg.Curl Set 1 to Set 6, how long break!
Thank you for your information.

90-120seconds rest between each set

How’s everyone getting on with the 10 week plan? I’m finding it a great break from the bike. I’ve never ridden this little for 5 years but trusting the process and can see by the end how I will have loads of motivation to get the hours back in for Base phase.

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After completing the 10 week plan (with help from Coach Isaiah half way thru), I feel a lot more durable. In the past sprint work was a sure-fire way to introduce unplanned recovery into my schedule. No more.

Great to hear. I am coming towards end of week 4 and really enjoying it. I look forward to seeing if it Sets me up to be stronger next year.