Z2 power target in workout not showing correct range (on bike computer)

The target power range for my zone 2 mysteriously shifted up to higher values than the %ftp range on TrainingPeaks. I’m using the FacCat plans in TP sync’d to garmin edge. The TP workout shows range 149-201 which is what my garmin target ranged used to show, but recently the garmin is bumping up the target rage to 159-209. It’s done this for the last few z2 rides. Any ideas what’s causing this or how to fix? I don’t know why it’s not matching the TrainingPeaks workout.

I don’t think it matters but I do have the same FTP entered in garmin connect and TP.

Hey Garrett -

Sorry about the trouble between TrainingPeaks and your Garmin. It is very good that your FTP matches across the board, that is very important. I am unsure of why it’s doing what it’s doing but as long as you know your zones just stick to that!