Workout Details - "Target Wattage"

Good day,

Just started my plan this week and just did a historical search in the forum but unable to find the exact answer I’m looking for.

So the the workouts have target watts, for example my workout today was Z2 @ 153w, which is on the upper end of my Z2, should I be aiming to hold that wattage for the duration of the prescribed time or just be in the Z2 zone in general? So far I have be aiming to hold the target watts. I guess my question is if by chance one day I was feeling “off” and rode @ 140w would I still “make it green”? I am assuming the “target watts” are exactly that, the target. Just looking for some clarification.


Hey Gavin! You are correct. As long as you stay within the zones indicated for that interval, you will be FtFP’ing and turning your workout green. Training Peaks automatically puts all of your workouts to be set to a target whats, but you can set up the workout to give you a range too by going into the workout, clicking on the workout builder (in blue) and then adjusting it from “target” to “range.” See the screenshots below for a better understanding of what I am saying

Open the workout an then click on the workout builder:

Initially it will look like this (notice there isnt a lighter blue color on the workout builder:

Now change it to range (note sometimes it says range and you have to change it to target and back to range for it to work):

That should make the workout display as a range. If you are riding in zwift, as long as the dashboard with your watts is in green and not red, you are FtFP’ing :ok_hand:t3:


Cool, great tip, thank you!