Training Peaks workouts and Zwift

Hey Everyone
I hope all is well. Question has anyone noticed that when you load a workout from Training Peaks to Zwift the target power is lower in Zwift. From what it shows in Training Peaks? I have my FTP set in Zwift to the same number that it is in TP but in Zwift it could be 10 to 15 watts lower. I have no idea why this is has anyone experienced this?


Hey Dave,

Is your weight set correctly on Zwift? Is your trainer calibrated (or are you on a standard trainer using a power meter)? What kind of trainer do you use? I have read certain trainers do not sync very well with Zwift. Is your power meter calibrated? What kind of power meter do you use? These are some ideas to think about. I try to remember that our (expensive) equipment is just that- equipment, and it will not be 100% but it will be close.

I hope this helps and if any other Fascats have ideas please share!!!



To clarify you’re seeing the target power as 10-15 W lower in Zwift than TP, correct? Not dependent on ERG vs non-ERG mode, equipment, or some other variable.

I haven’t seen this issue in my use. Zwift appears to round to the nearest 5 W (ie 100, 105, 110, etc.) for me although I’ve only been using it for 3 weeks now. Doesn’t bother me much as it’s a range generally. I don’t use ERG mode with Zwift, that’s actually the only reason I have Zwift.


Hi Alle
My weight is set correctly. My trainer is an Elite SUITO I did a spindown not to long ago I can do it again and see if that helps.

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Yes the power is lower for example if your to ride at 150w for 10m when I start the workout in Zwift it will say ride at 135w for 10m. The thing I did notice yesterday was if there are efforts above FTP those numbers are closer to the target power by one or two watts difference then when you finish that segment and go to a 4m rest before the next interval then you see the drop in wattage. I just ignored it and rode a more comfortable pace seeing I was having a hard time holding that low of wattage and still kept it under lower threshold. Technology can be strange thing at times that’s why I reached out to see if other had any issues


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I’ll have to keep an eye out for that. I forgot to say the warmup and cool downs do vary between Zwift and TP. Those ramp up or down in Zwift for some reason, respectively, for the intended time frame. I ignore those ramps and just ride what feels good close to the TP target.

I have Elite Suito trainer and don’t have this kind of problems. Try updating the firmware with Elite Upgrado up and spin down with the Elite Trainer app.

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Is your FTP set properly and as the same in both platforms?


Yes it is I have double checked it

I have seen this issue too. I’m not 100% sure, but I think TrainingPeaks might be taking not the midpoint of your zone, but rather the “65% point” if that makes sense - so you’re aiming for a target slightly higher than the midpoint. In Zwift it’s just taking the midpoint of the zone. That’s with the same FTP and everything. It doesn’t bother me in practice, since the perceived exertion is a little higher (for me) when riding indoors, so I just roll with it.

Hey @davesans I am not sure of the exact reason behind this, but you can easily adjust the FTP inside of zwift while you are in the workout. You drag the bar on the right up and down (see picture). You should be able to easily increase it in there by 10-15 watts so that you hit your zones.

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Hi Lacey
Yea I though of doing it that way. But I am one of those people who drives themself nuts not knowing why. :smile: But I did figure out two things one if the workout segment in TP is set to range ie. 40-50% of FTP Zwift doesn’t recognize that value and choose the lower percentage also if the warm up or cool down is set to range it creates a ramp up or ramp down. If it is set to Target % FTP in TP then the wattage is right on +/- 1 watt or 2.

Now the other thing I discovered was if you have a workout loaded from TP into Zwift and all your segments are set to Range of a %FTP and Zwift will that the lower side of the range everytime you could adjust it like you said by increasing your FTP or you can edit the workout it self. When you go to the Training Tab in Zwift then select your TP workout from the list once selected a little pencil icon will appear see photo You click on that and it will open the workout editor from there you can adjust any part of the workout you want watts or duration click save and your done. I was able to match the power that was set to range to match TP. I had to do this with my laptop so I could use the mouse for I normally use my AppleTV to run Zwift and I didn’t see away to do that from there. Hope this helps anyone that might have had the same experience and give a little more insight how Zwift works Thanks everyone for the help.

I circled where the icon appears

Screen-Shot-2020-11-10-at-6.31 !



Thanks for sharing @davesans! I have no doubts other zwifters will find this helpful :slight_smile:

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