Yoga Glo Promo Code

Hi Fascats,

I’m starting the Corona plan and I’m not seeing a promo code for YogaGlo. I have already have a paid membership with them, and have tried logging out and then opening the link you provided. No luck.

Is there a specific promo code we have to put in?

Peace and health to one and all.

The code is in the email we sent you at the time of purchase. Here is another source

Thanks Frank! Sorry I had missed that.

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Hi Frank,
When I started Foundation-Basic (3 weeks program) on 28 September I redeemed the 60days free membership with Yoga Glo using the code. When completed Foundation-Basic I moved onto 10 weeks resistance program. Again the program came with the 60days free Yoga Glo, however, this time it didn’t let me redeem the code saying “sorry, you can’t redeem more than one promo code”. The Glo membership will expire in two weeks while I continue following the program for 7 more weeks. Am I meant to start paying the membership after it expires? Or the subscription of 10 weeks resistance program is meant to cover the Glo use for the duration?

Hey @yuki.davidson
Our partnership with YogaGlo allows us to to give all of our athletes a one time code for 60 days free. After that you will have to pay for the membership if you enjoy the program.

Thanks, Lacey. That explained. Now I know the code is a one time offer.