Promo Code for Yoga Glo

Hey Guys,

It looks like I have not been entering a promo code for the 60 days of Yoga Glo that comes with each of my cyclocross training programs. I found that out because Yoga Glo has been charging me a monthly fee for several months. I had an account with them before joining FasCat so I guess they were just using that credit card. Where do I find the password/redemption code for the 60 days of Yoga Glo?

Hi @cxnation - The code is in the first yoga workout of your plan and #4 of the getting started instructions below (that we emailed to you): :pray:

Hey Frank,

I entered the code and it says “Sorry you can’t redeem more than one promo code”…


That is correct - can only redeem once

So I have bought 6 of the cyclocross training plans. Is that just one 60 day trial when I bought the secret training in March or is there a free 60 day trial with each training plan purchased? The promo prompt keeps coming up on the training plans.

That is the deal YogaGlo gave us