Unexpected charges for Yoga Glo

I’m on the 18 week sweet spot plan. Just checked my credit card statement and there is a charge for Yoga Glo of $27. Pretty disappointed as I didnt sign up for that. I have cancelled my YG account now, but that was sneaky! I only tried it out of curiosity. I already subscribe to DoYogaWithMe, which suits me fine (and is cheaper). Rather than adding “value” with YG, I would prefer to have Training Peaks Premium extended extended for the length of the plan, rather than just 4 weeks. This is my first and only gripe with Fascat. Otherwise I am a happy customer. Thanks, Janice

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Same thing happened to me. I was annoyed with the lack of warning and paid for 3-4 months without realizing it. It was on a card I rarely use so checked it by coincidence. I also wasn’t using the site so completely forgot about it.

Glo gave us a free code to give to you to enjoy their services. What you do with them after the code has expired is independent of FasCat.

We think it’s a value to see new exercises and routines you can do even after the subscription. Thanks for sharing another services others may find value with.

Personally for me when I get a free trial I cancel as soon as I sign up and with most places you can still resume the trial but it avoids being charged at the end. Or set a calendar reminder.

Thanks for being a FasCat athlete and buying our plans!

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Most definitely. What happened with me is all on me. It was a good service I just didn’t end up using it as much as I thought I might. But definitely didn’t mean anything I said as a knock on you guys at all.