Year-round weight training for young, cat 1/2s?

Hey coaches,

I’m more than a few weeks into my 10 week resistance block. I’ve seen the benefits of lifting to my cycling and keep questioning myself on why I don’t do this year round?

I’m young and have a lot of lifting experience. When I start the “adaption” phase I’m usually starting with 150-185 on the bar and maxing out at 315 lbs for my squat 1rm. I know that you don’t want to lift close to A races or during a race-specific build.

For somebody who wants to be ‘elite’ and truly compete in races marquee races such as UB200, SBT, any of the BWRs, road nats, etc., should I be in the gym for more than 10 weeks out of the year?

They are gonna say no. Only strength and conditioning, no weights, during season. Just repeating what I’ve heard a lot.

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Love the way you are thinking about training ‘more’ and rather than think about lifting more - think about riding more, more intervals, longer rides, with consistency (& recovery).

Take your total weekly hours and increase them by 10-20-25%. I guarantee that increase will make you faster not lifting more weights.