How to become a cyclist?

Hey guys, I really feel like i’m kind of in an odd spot (if i’m not then that’s awesome and I can’t wait to see the feedback) having been a competitive hockey player from the time I was 10 until I left college (played for Purdue and a couple D-2 schools). I feel like I go into the weight lifting portion at a slightly different place than most other athletes in endurance sports.

I pulled up my numbers that I had from last winter (first set of max outs) that my program was based off of which were as follows

Squat - 350lbs
Hamstring Curls - 190lbs
Leg Press - 505lbs (this is where the machine maxed out)

My concern is that I’m not finding a functional way to transfer my “ability to produce power” onto the bike in a reasonable way.

In my mind I feel like I need to do more weight reduction on all fronts (body fat and muscle) as opposed to working to “increase” my ability to push things with my legs.

I am 5’11.5" (181.5ish cm) and currently weight around 190lbs which is similar to last season which i feel has a negative impact on my cycling performance

Hi @marshalltaylor - you are already a cyclist!

Get back on the weights + base plan you bought last year and follow it again this ON Season. The plan is yours for life you just need to reapply it from your training plan library.

Trust your plan and our experience - this is how you lift weights and improve as a cyclist - its different from your hockey player background.

Really really go all in for the sprint and standing start intervals - those two workouts make you faster on the bike and make this weight lifting plan cycling specific and effective.

After you finish your sweet spottin’ DO INTERVALS - intervals make you even faster and take the gains from the weight room even further. Want more POW-WAH? Do intervals - choose the interval plan for what you are training for, road, mtb, climbing, crit, tt, gravel, fondo, etc…


Thanks! that’s reassuring. I felt like I was lifting too heavy to reach my end results last winter so I wanted to see what kind of feedback/input the group had for me before starting in on it this year. I would rather make the modification prior to starting up as opposed to in the middle of the session.

If you are setting your 1RM and using the spreadsheet from the plan - you are lifting just right like Goldilocks

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Thanks @FRANK I’m about to start my 2 week break starting the 28th which is when I plan to start getting a grip on the WITK intro meal plan then I’ll be headed back to the plan and preparing under the assumption that we will be racing come spring time

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