Wrong Time Trial plan,I think?

Hi guys I purchased the 40 km State TT plan earlier this year and have just found out that my State race in September(in Australia) is only 20 km. Is there any chance I could swap it for a 6 week TT plan or can I just use the second half of 12 week program and adjust intervals length as it’s a shorter TT?

Regards Dominic

Sure thing @Slo62s which level would you like?


Any chance I could get the Intermediate Plan instead? As a Master’s athlete, it’s about the most I can do and recover from.

Any chance of a refund on the wrong plan please?

Hi there - happy to assist - a full refund bc I just swapped out your plan levels at no extra charge.

But if you are unhappy with the plan am happy to give you a full refund.

Hi Frank, I seem to be answering both forum and email. Would you be sending the link to me for the Intermediate 6 week TT plan so I can apply to Training Peaks? Or do you prefer to refund for the 12 week plan then I just repurchase the 6 week plan separately
after the refund? I probably won’t have a use for 12 week plan now I’ve finally found out the date and distance for the race. Whichever way is easier. Sorry that I bought the wrong plan, I assumed our State TT here would be longer but Masters is only 20 kms.

I think you bought your 12 week plan thru the trainingpeaks site?? Which we can’t refund since TrainingPeaks controls that - you’d have to ask them, sorry.

Best to email us [help@] bc we don’t have your order from your username @Slo62s