Workouts on Garmin 830

Hi Fascat team, I have all the sync permissions in place between TrainingPeaks, Strava, Garmin Connect, etc, but the workouts in my TP plan do not show up in the Garmin Connect calendar nor do they appear in the workouts section on my Garmin 830. Any advice on getting the workouts on there through the sync rather than manually adding the FIT files?

Update. I added one of the “Garmin Connect Training Plans” via Garmin Connect, it populated the GC calendar and synced to Garmin 830. So the question remains, how do I see my TrainingPeaks (aka Fascat) workouts in the GC calendar?

Image shows the blank GC Calendar.

This is mine, not exactly sure how but you probably want yours to say “Activities/Workouts”

Ok just found this as well. On GC go to Profile & Account, then Account Settings

I had the same problem synching training peaks with garmin. Connected both apps on my laptop several times but TP workouts would not appear on garmin calendar or head unit.

I then tried synching TP and Garmin on my mobile app rather than laptop and this worked. No idea why but might be worth a try.