Technical Question - Updates to Workouts from TP to Garmin

Hello, I could use some help.

I have the sync’d workouts between Garmin Connect and Training Peaks. When I change my FTP / Zone info, the Workouts automatically change in Training Peaks. However, when I sync from Garmin Connect to my device, the original zones are there.

I have removed these manually from my device and re-sync’d but the same result is happening. This leads me to believe that Training Peaks isn’t communicating the changes with Garmin Connect or there is some lag time.

Any advice?

Update your FTP in Garmin connect. Try that. Also make sure it is updated in your Garmin.

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I did this both in Connect and on the device (set my FTP to 500 just to test). This didn’t seem to have any effect.

I’m having the same issue. I had an issue with my cell phone and had to factory reset. When I log onto TP app on phone, I see the “garmin sync” symbol". My FTP and HR matched on TP and in Garmin connect, I removed all workouts on GC. Is it necessary to revoke permissions on TP? Is there an option to push workouts from TP?