Garmin Connect Calendar Missing Workouts

Hi Everyone,

Wondering if anyone had the same issue whereby certain workouts of a plan will not sync from Training Peaks Calendar into the Garmin Connect Calendar? I’ve actually removed Plan which cleared out both calndars, done another sync, then reapplied again but to no avail. I can only imagine it being something related to that days workout only. The plan in question is the SS MTB Marathon. Thanks

Ok never mind I just figured it out. If you don’t have a Workout Built for that particular day, it will not sync with Garmin Connect.

I’m not sure why you are having that issue.

However since the that particular workout is marked as a mountain bike workout are there settings in Garmin where you have to allow to show other than road cycling workouts? Just a thought. Maybe someone else has had the same issue can chime in.


Thanks for the reply Jake but I suspect you must’ve missed my 2nd post on this topic where I managed to solve the problem :slight_smile:

Yeah didn’t show when I hit reply. Glad you have it figured out!

Hi! Yes, you are right, that’s because plans have days that arent structured.
You can always edit the day . I dont know if its forbiden by fascat, but my dad start his seasson with 3 weeks fall fundation, and endurance days arent structured, so I “structured” it and then shows in his calendar
Regards from Chile


Somewhat related: Syncing Garmin History to TrainingPeaks Calendar. My Garmin and Training accounts are properly linked/connected/synced but none of my old rides have uploaded to TP. Found the answer on TP’s website - it can take over a week for past activities to appear on TP.

  1. “If you authorized Garmin Connect to send all your workout history the sync will not be triggered until you upload a workout to Garmin Connect after you authorize the TrainingPeaks/Garmin Connect authorization.”
  2. " DO NOT disconnect accounts and reconnect if you are still waiting for your history to sync- this will disable history from being sent from Garmin Connect. History sync is taking, on average, 7-10 days."


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