TP sync to garmin connect issues

I’m having issues getting my training peaks calendar to appear in garmin connect and then on my edge 830.
I started at training peaks and synced training peaks account to garmin connect. That appeared successful. I then went in garmin connect and made sure the calendar function was toggled on and it should pass thru to garmin connect.
Sadly, nothing is showing up in the garmin connect calendar. Thus, nothing is showing up on the edge 830.
Would anyone have any suggestions?

I chose to move on from my wahoo elemnt because of the issue that it needs a 2.4ghz signal to update.
After getting off the phone with Garmin they say it can take up to 7 days for training peaks workouts to propagate on garmin connect.
Are there any other garmin users who have navigated this issue? Will this be the case every time workouts are added to training peaks? They will then take a full week to migrate over?

Hmm, that is strange.

Here is my TP calendar for next week:

with cycling workouts circled. And here is my Garmin calendar:

Why only two workouts? Pretty sure only the TP structured workouts with interval details will sync to Garmin.

Garmin’s entire IT infrastructure seems to have sh*% the bed today, maybe they will hire some proper software devs after this one.

edit: Until they fix it here’s the instructions on how to transfer your workouts manually to your Garmin.

If you care about strava things, I’d recommend pulling your activities from your device and uploading manually to strava, because they match and rank segment achievements in the order the files are uploaded rather than the actual time of the ride, so if you have ranked up on a segment but wait until Garmin connect is fixed to send it to strava, it’s possible a wahoo rider (and all the other clogged-up garmin syncs) may upload a better time before you get your file sent over and will affect your achievements shown on that ride.

Another edit: here’s the DCR how-to so you can get your rides to strava and TrainingPeaks

Evidently Garmin has been hit with a ransomware attack today. They expect service to be interrupted for the next few days while it’s sorted out.

I have a 1030 and 1030plus. Currently facing issues that some weeks it syncs to one, sometimes both, this week nothing got sync.

TP shows Garmin Connect updated.

Garmin shows no bike training on the planned days.

Anyone figured out why?

Thanks to hear…

Don’t have the answer to “why”.
But I have found if you rename one workout in TP, it may re-trigger the sync and the workouts are showing up