Working with CX interval plan

I am working with CX Interval training plan,
Yesterday was 3 x 1 min at 400 watts 2 sets.

Question : is 400 watts at 72 Rpm up a hill the same as 400 watts on flat road at 90 Rpm??

I can hold the 400 watts for 1 min up the hill at 72 rpm easier than i can hold the 400 watts at 90 rpm

Any reason for that?? Is one better than the other??
David R Burns

Watts are watts.

I would tell my athletes to mix it up. Some races you need to produce higher power on the flats do you will want to train and work on that. That’s race specific.

Also higher rpm is more efficient. Using a lower rpm may fatigue your legs more so over time you’ll become more fatigued. But if you’re getting through your intervals that is good.

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