MTI Power Zones

Hi coaches (and all in the forum),

I started the Resistance/SweetSpot plan a few weeks ago. MTIs have always been one of my favorite workouts. When I do these intervals (on a trainer), at about 50 rpm, and in the hardest gear (53 x 11), I’ve noticed that my power is consistently at my threshold (or, somewhere between 98% and 102% threshold). Having read the instructions, I know that watts should be in the tempo range. Is it bad that I am putting out such high watts? My HR is consistently in the tempo zone; and, my RPE isn’t excruciating. I certainly feel the workout, but my legs are terribly sore. I’ve always been a good climber, so grinding away at a low cadence is fun for me. But, I don’t want to overdo anything. Thanks!


You should be compelteing them in the tempo range. Heart rate will be lower since you are using a lower cadence. It’s using more muscle and higher cadence tends to be more aerobic system. We typically say tempo so you are completing all the efforts and not over fatiguing yourself for one particular workout. These are harder for some than others. Also being that it is early season no reason to push too much threshold right now.

Not sure how far along in a plan you are in or which plan, but they will get longer once you get to some 4 x 10 minutes or 5 x 9 minutes.

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