Winter Base Plan along with with Alpine & Nordic Skiing?

Hi all,

I would like advice on what training plan to buy in order to base train this Winter. I live in Park City, Utah, and plan on doing a bunch of Alpine and Nordic Skiing this winter along with my base training, weight lifting, etc.

Which plan would you recommend whereby I can get my cycling workouts in, gym workouts, and enjoy the slopes 5ish days a week.

My goal for cycling next season is a Gravel Event on August 28th, 2021 in Utah (it’s 100 miles with 12,000 feet of climbing).

FWIW, I’m 52 years old, have 8-12 hours to train on my bike, and work for myself so my schedule is very flexible.

Any help is appreciated.


Awesome @scott.levitt - for the Wasatch All Road in late August you want to adopt our 32 week off season training plan to your nordic skiing

My best advice for integrating your xc skiing to this plan is to FtFP the 10 weeks of weights as best as possible and ski on the weekends. The Sweet Spot TSS rides can go 1:1 with your nordic skiing.

Once you get thru with the 10 weeks of weights your mid-week opens considerably for more xc skiing. And then of course when the snow melts you keep FtFP’ing.

Hope that helps - the Wasatch races looks incredible - with all that climbing best to win in the kitchen as well!


Same question here, Frank. I’m doing the Level One base training right now and loving it, but I do enjoy nordic skiing in the winter. So is it also legit for me to sub nordic skiing in for sweet spot rides? I could see getting up to Eldora once a week for some uphill and maybe a tour in the backcountry on weekends. Maybe not every week, but when I can. I can track my heart rate on said tours. I’ve wondering how to squeeze skiing in and still FtFP.

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Hey @david.farrell!
Just as Frank mentioned above, you can do some nordic skiing for your Sweet spot TSS rides if you are still in the resistance phase of your Weights + base plan. Once you move into the SS part of the plan you can do some skiing during the week or on the weekends for your TSS based rides. Either way, do the same amount of time on the skis as you would on the bike and wear your HR monitor :slight_smile:

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