Winning in the Kitchen on a budget

So I just listened to the podcast about this topic and just wanted to get a general idea of the weekly budget for food shopping. I know it can have a pretty wide range depending on where you go but I currently have a pretty tight food budget. I feel like a knob buying the plan to see what I need then finding out I can’t afford it and trying to “return” the plan.

Hey @matthew.steinkamp !
I totally understand, I think we have all been there at one point or another.
Like you said the store you shop at can make a big difference – I am a big fan of trader joes and/or Aldi’s.
Both of those places always have great prices and dont run “sales” so that takes away the frustration of having to plan that all out.

Here are some other money saving tips for the meal plan:

  • Buy whatever fruit is in season (bananas and apples are always pretty cheap)
  • For your breakfasts (especially for your oatmeal) you can make my berry compote recipe with frozen fruit instead of fresh berries. (Recipe can be found here)
  • Likewise, use frozen veggies when possible (broccoli, corn, carrots, edamame, etc)
  • Use tofu or tempeh for the stir fry instead of salmon a few days of the week and buy your salmon frozen when you do buy it (cheaper and won’t go bad – just thaw it out before using)
  • Use frozen chicken too, almost always cheaper!
  • Quinoa can be subbed for rice, potatoes, or really any other core carbohydrate
  • swap almond butter for peanut butter

Overall though, the meal plan is not expensive to follow. That is especially true if you are shifting from eating out a lot and/or purchasing pre-made meals. You might actually even SAVE money following it :slight_smile:

As always though, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So don’t feel scared to give it a go!