Losing large amounts of weight

Hello, Im looking at loosing 60-70 pounds. I have already lost 65 pounds since the summer doing keto and walking 7-10 miles a day. Starting in the winter I began riding bikes again, and now ride my road bike 8-10 hours a week and walk another 4-5 hours a week. Im looking to drop walking all the way and get to 12-15 hours a week of bike riding. What nutrition plan would you recommend? I’m off of Keto now, and have been counting calories, but after listening to your podcasts there seems to be a better way. Im fine to lose the weight slowly over a year or so.

I’m 6’6", 273lbs and have a very large skeletal frame. I would like to be 200-205 for optimum fitness and eventually work up to some races in the next year. I live in OC California so the wether is good for biking all year round.


Hey @Jasonpbonham - first congrats on your dedication to achieving your health goals and on all your progress thus far!

Do you mind me asking many calories have you been eating on average to drop the weight up until now? That will help me give you a plan recommendation and any minor adjustments if needed to make the plan work for you.

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When I was doing keto and walking a lot it average 2500 or so calories a day, but as the walking grew to longer numbers in December I stopped counting as much and finally stopped keto in January. From there I have stayed stagnant. As my biking went up I capped calories at 4000 a day end of February and lost maybe 1 lb in 8 days.

Then I the last couple weeks capped it at 3000 and lost 4 or 5 pounds. But Im too hungry and probably not the best quality food always.

Just wondering if you could offer me some guidance? I purchased the first winning in the kitchen plan, and just looking through the meals it’s going to be too few calories for me.

Hey Jason! Looks like you purchased the intro plan.
This plan is on average around 2100 calories.

An easy way to add in calories is to:

  • have another snack such as 2 ounces of trail mix (~250 calories)
  • have 2-3 eggs with your breakfast, cooked in 2 tsp olive oil (adds 150-220 calories)
  • use 1 1/4 cups rice or quinoa with your meals instead of 1/2 or 3/4 cup (adds 100-150 calories)
  • use 1/2 avocado with meals instead of 1/4 (adds ~100 calories)
  • have a Larabar or RX bar with your lunch (adds 200 calories)
  • have a post workout smoothie after weekend rides (ex: 1 serving gu roctane recovery blended with oat milk and a banana will add ~450 calories)

That in addition to having ~60g of carbs per hour on the bike should put you at a calorie intake that will fuel you and keep you moving towards your goals

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