Winning in the Family Kitchen

Hi there.
I’m thinking of starting the weight loss winning in the Kitchen guide. My questions are not on my requirements but how this would work with the rest of the family.
My wife is not that but runs 2-3 times a week. She would be interested in losing a few kilos and I have a 15 yr old daughter who is pretty active and doesn’t need to lose any weight.
I’m the cook of the house.
I’d be interested in how to judge their food. This is the main reason for not signing up
Any ideas?

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Hey Andrew!

If your wife is looking to lose weight I would highly recommend that she purchase the plan specific to her body weight because as you know, her portion sizes will be much different than yours. Since she is likely falling below the threshold activity for our basic plan (4-8 hrs/wk), she would need a different plan than is recommended for our fascat athletes if her current body weight is less than 90 kilos. I do have this plan created, but it is not listed in the drop down options on the website. If she is interested in following this you could simply purchase two of the plans for your body weight and I would manually send you the plan for her.

For your daughter, it depends on her body weight and what yours is. It is likely that she could follow the same plan as you with a few of the portion sizes reduced, such as doing 3/4 cup of oats or rice instead of 1 cup and/or having 1 egg for breakfast instead of 2.

I will also add that the main meals for all the plans are similar so you would not be having to create separate meals. You would be able to follow the recipe instructions and serve up the correct portion sizes for each of you.

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Great thread. I am very interested in the meal plans, but I am not the cook of the house.

Me: 183 lbs, want to get to 170lbs
Wife: would like to drop some lb’s, works out 6 days a week
15 year old daughter: X-country and track runner that we have been moderately successful with having eat right, but could benefit from better nutrients (she is very lean).
12 year old daughter: gymnast that is fittest in the family

Curious your thoughts on how I could make a meal plan(s) work.

Hey jeff!
Similar to Andrews situation, the best way to ensure you and your wife both meet your weight loss goals is to both get on a plan that is tailored to your weight, gender and activity level. Like I mentioned, the meals in both of those plans will be very similar and will allow you to cook and eat together. The main differences will be the portion sizes and what/how much you have for snacks.

As far as your girls, they could eat the same plan as your wife while increasing their carb and protein intake at meals if they are training that day. So say the lunch was the Rocket Wrap, the girls could add in a cup of grapes or a 1/2 cup of corn. At that age though I would advise against using any language around them that insinuates weight loss or gain. Let them eat according to their hunger cues and encourage them to make more “winning in the kitchen” choices that will help them to perform better. So for example if they eat cereal for breakfast, have them try out the muesli, oatmeal or oat flour pancakes we have in the meal plan.

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Thank you! I am 100% aligned that with my daughters weight should not be part of the conversation. It’s about how food is energy.

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