Couple specific questions about weight loss plan

I just bought your weight loss plan and am eager to start on it.
I have couple of questions on my mind:

I will most probably do mostly the vegetarian versions.
But as I have access to free game meet (moose, deer and rabbit) I’m wondering if I could replace chicken sometimes with game meat?
I’ve tried to figure out the nutrition facts, and it seems that game meat has less fat than chicken and the protein is almost on same level.

  1. There was an easy table for counting the carbs during ride. I assume that is on top of daily meals? Is it?

  2. I’m soon heading to hypertrophy and power phase of the strength plan,
    should I then follow the weight loss plan as it is , or should I modify it on heavy lifting days?


Hey @Johku – stoked to have you on the plan!

  1. Game meat is very lean. So yes, feel free to swap those out in equal quantities with any of the proteins in the meal plan.
  2. The meal plan doesnt put your carbs into the plan for each day, however I have created an allotment for ride fuel within the plan. It is on average 30-60g per hour during the week and for the weekends can be upwards of 75g per hour if you are doing a group ride (basically you will need higher amounts for higher intensities). There is a chart which is included in the welcome doc that is helpful, but I will give you one below with examples too.
  3. There are no specific changes you need to make, however if you are above 170 lb currently I recommend adding in a protein shake (enough protein powder to equal 20g mixed with water or almond milk) to ensure you are meeting your protein needs for the day.

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So I Just started the weight loss plan and I have a few questions because i feel like i must be doing this wrong.
So I have been using steal cut oats, mostly because I already have a lot on hand and because i like the chew and deeper flavor. Anyway I have 2 questions: 1) should the ratio change at all or is the oat to liquid the same?
2) maybe I’m reading the plan wrong but is 1 days breakfast really 1 cup oats ( i assume uncooked based on the recipe) and 2 cups non-dairy milk? that with the fruit and eggs adds up to just over 1,000 calories ( at least on myfitnessPal). After it’s all cooked up, I end up with a rather large bowel full of oats. I’m almost 200lbs and that’s hard for me to finish. should it be 1 cup cooked oats?

Also in general i feel like the portions are a bit large or i’m just measuring wrong. I know i’m not supposed to skip meals and snakes but Yesterday I was not hungry after Breakfast till late afternoon and had my apple and felt topped off. then wasn’t hungry again till almost 6 p.m. so i just made the green goddess bowel ( the prescribed dinner) and again it was almost to much to finish. With dinner and breakfast + the snakes i still ended up with a bit over 2,000 cal for the day. It was a rest day, so I understand that i would be more hungry and burn way more calories but I feel like had I had lunch I would have been stuffed all day…
Like I said maybe i’m just not reading things right or my measurements are a bit off, or maybe because it was a rest day it just felt like to much. either way I just wanted to check before i get to far into the plane. with the goal being to loose weight I don’t want to end up gaining weight.

Hey Joshua,
Welcome aboard and congrats on taking the steps to start winning in the kitchen!

  1. For steel cut oats you will need a water ratio of 3 to 1, where as rolled oats is 2 to 1. So for 1 cup steel cut oats, you will need 3 cups of liquid. Since the recipe calls for 2 cups of almond milk, use that plus 1 cup of water.
  2. Unless you are using a sweetened milk (such as soy milk) Your total should not be 1000 calories. This meal is around 650. See calorie breakdown below.

You should not force yourself to eat beyond fullness. Some people find that they are not as hungry in the mornings. If this is you, try cutting back to 3/4 cup of oats. Then if you are hungrier later in the day, add in 1/4 cup more rice or quinoa to another meal. Another option for you is to reduce to 1/2 cup oats and increase to three eggs cooked in 1/2 tbsp of olive oil. This may work better if you are not accustomed to eating large amounts of fiber.

Now for the green goddess bowl, are you dividing the recipe up into 4 servings once meal prepping it like the instructions indicate? That meal is ~525 calories which is not a huge amount, so you should not have too much trouble.

Also if you are unsure of your portion sizes, feel free to upload a picture of your food before cooking and/or after cooking and I can let you know if you are on track. :slight_smile:

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Okay, I’ll try the half cup oats and extra egg. I normally would have a couple eggs with some kind of greens in the morning so probably just my body not used to the fiber.
I had the green goddess for lunch today and realized I put a bit to much yesterday after I used a scale with the metric conversions.
Thanks Lacey

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That is not unusual. Your body should adjust over time though and eating more fiber rich foods will be easier.
Also glad the chart was helpful – getting those portion sizes correct at first can be tough, but again… over time it will be easier and you likely will be able to eyeball it because you’ve had so much practice :slight_smile:

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