Which would you recommend?

If someone only had 14 weeks until their 1st Gran Fondo of 2022. Would you recommend doing the full (new) 16 weeks Sweet Spot Plan (up to week 14)


Do the first 8 weeks of the SS plan and then the Full 6 weeks of your Gran Fondo Plan?


Hi @Oldracer1970 - it depends - how is your ‘base’ aka your CTL?

Are you starting from scratch or have you been training? if so for how long and again use your data - your CTL to answer.

I am inclined to answer your later - the last 8 weeks of our 16 week SS plan followed by our 6 week Fondo Plan.

If your CTL is below 40 now, I would answer to concentrate on follow the full 16 week ss plan


Thanks Big Cat. My CTL is about 35. I’ve been training consistently for the last 12 weeks but mainly zone 2 and tempo.

Would recommend you start sweet spotting per the plan and ramp that CTL up 3-4 per week as you are able and the plan details.

I also think your CTL is wrong if you’ve been training for 12 weeks already.

Check your seed value and/or make sure your FTP is set correctly.

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I’ll need to look that up as I have no idea how to check/adjust my seed value. I’m pretty new to TP.


AHA - My CTL should be 40 as I’ve been riding about 6 hours per week for the last 12 weeks or more.

Many thanks for your help BigCat. I’ve just imported all my previous rides from strava and my current CTL is 42.