Should CTL be decreasing on SS plan

I just started the 6 weeks to Sweet Spot Part 1 and it looks like my fitness (CTL) score will drop significantly on this plan. I came in with a modest score of 83 and by the end it will be 68. Is that to be expected? I normally ride 10-12 hours a week however on this plan it will be 6-8 so a significant reduction in training volume. Should I increase the duration of the endurance rides to make up the difference?


Hi @jamesstevens - 2 things

#1 looks like you choose the ‘basic’ plan version (4-8 hours/week) when you should have chosen the intermediate (8-12 hours/week)

this is fairly high for many - how old are you, what CTL #'s have you hit historically? and when is the even you are training for? Might have more advice based on those answers - thanks!

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Hi Frank,

Thanks for the reply. I am 49. I will do some crits and road races in CO as a tune up for the CX season. Last summer I got up to 114 on 12-15 hrs a week of riding with 2 days of SS up to 60-75 min per session. I guess the purist in me rationalized I should start with part 1 but I realize now that was a mistake.

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Being a few years younger but with the same training time availability I have settled on the intermediate plans. I started with the advanced and finally put my ego to the side and embraced the “fresher is faster” mantra. The advanced plans just left me a bit too smashed and I don’t have 2 hrs per day to workout.

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