Which training plan for Whistler Back 40 xc race w/+gnar and lots of climbing

Hello FasCat,
I am going into final block of Sweet Spot 16 weeks and have exactly 6 weeks from end of Sweet Spot 16 to my goal event Whistler Back 40 in June. It consists of 3 stages like enduro races except climbing time counts. Down is Whistler black gnars so I have to ride lots of techy gnars before hand to bring my MTB mojo up. Interestingly I can rest as much as I please between the stages.

Total: 26.3km / 1,436m climb / 1,327m descent (Stage 1 12.7km / 516m climb, Stage 2 8.0km / 551m climb, Stage 3 5.6km / 369m climb).
Climbs do come in chunks (2-3 hills per stage) not rolling type.
Estimated finish time 2.5 to 3 hours.

I am thinking about XC MTB intervals or may be Climbing intervals. What would you choose?

Cheers! #FTFP

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Hey @naoko.fujimaki ! I would choose both!

XC for mtb specific work and climbing intervals for all that climbing!

If your base/training load is GOOD, you could stop following the sweet spot plan and move onto the xc intervals and then the climbing intervals.

Kinda depends on what you want to work on: base or power?

Either way you have access to ALL those plans in Optimized and Coaching is included

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Ha! I love the combination.
Thank you Frank!

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