XC In Season or XC Intervals Plan?

from Mick:
Good morning!

Looking to purchase either the “XC MTB in season” or Intervals for “XC Mountain Biking” plan. I am in season. I am also 49 years old. Any suggestions on which one would be better? July and August months are packed with races for me, so thinking the “In Season” plan is more appropriate. Also wondering how to get the 25% off for signing up, if that is available. I am new to your training plans, never tried but listen to the podcast. Excited to get started.

Hi Mick - thanks for listening and asking:

How’s your base? IOW, how much have you been riding? Because there’s still time to do some good sweet spottin’ before your July/August races.

For 12 weeks of training I’d recommend either our sweet spot part 3 first or our XC MTB Intervals plan. Then after you complete that training plan move on the 'In Season XC MTB Plan"

Hope that helps - good luck with your training!

Thanks and have a good day!

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Base is pretty good. CTL peaked last weekend at 85. Been training steady throughout winter and spring here in Iowa. Typically ride 10 hours per week (+/-). Been training seriously for roughly 5 years.

Last tested FTP on trainer 4/18 (305 watts). HR threshold 176.
Next MTB race in 3 weeks (7/7) then pretty ambitious schedule through the end of August (7 races). CAT2 Comp level.

Thank you.

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85 is terrific, soooooo:

start asap: https://fascatcoaching.com/training-plans/intervals-xc-mtb/

then move onto in season:

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