What plans for MTB stage race late 2022?

Hi guys,

Planning on racing the Crocodile Trophy November 2022 (8 days, 800km, plenty of climbing).
There a couple of marathon races mid July I’d also like to race, as well as our usual xco races throughout the year.
Was looking at starting the 30 week off season plan? but not sure what to follow that up with?
Any advice appreciated!

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Hey @AshleyBrownsey - thanks for your question.

You are on the right track by thinking of starting with our 30 week off season plan and then our Sweet Spot Marathon MTB plan:

That’s 36 weeks - how many more weeks do you need? You’ll be able to race in the summer with that fitness - the addition training would be to “sharpen the sword” and fine tune your endurance + power

Thanks for the reply! Another 6 weeks after that again would put me right at the start of the stage race.

Also is it ok to be doing the odd XCO race later during the 30week off season plan?

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I think some training races would be great for your progression along the way towards your big goal.

That said 'switch from base to race ’ with our xc interval plan leading into your main goal: