How to keep increasing CTL for year

I have just started the Race interval plan two weeks ago and it’s going well. I see where at the end of the 6 weeks my CTL will be relatively the same. I am feeling stronger a I chose the intermediate plan because I am trying to build strength more than anything for a couple 100+ rides later this year with lots of group rides in between. I have one 110 mile ride done at reasonable pace and finished pretty strong right before I started this plan so I feel I had a good base before starting this plan.

I have two questions:

  • Should I have picked the advanced plan ( I hesitated because right now work is not an issue but that could change and might not have the entire time available during the week)?

  • should I just add zone 2 time in the saddle after the intervals during the week to keep pushing the CTL up further? (Another point is I’m 60 and feel great but are any adjustments necessary as far as recovery goes? I did find while doing the endurance ride on Thursday this past week that
    I was not to keen on it and just stopped after 30 minutes and this weekend I did a little extra on Saturday and Sunday and felt great.)

  • What plan should I go on next after the Race interval plan to keep pushing my CTL/FTP to get strong for long efforts. Polarized SS then a specific Fondo/Hill Climb or repeat the Race intervals? I don’t want to get too burned out early in the year with really high intensity intervals.

I guess that was 3 questions LOL…and lots to unpack there!

I’m loving all the help and info passed on in the forum, so thanks and looking forward to hearing your response.

Welcome @oscar.j_dulzaides


That said are you racing anytime soon? If so we do have an “in season road race plan”

If not our sweet spot part 4 will raise your FTP and train you for long rides

I am not racing per se but the 35+ person group rides end up being that as the year goes on. I am trying to complete about 3 century/fondo events this year in decent time. They are in mid summer to early fall.
The group rides will happen sooner so maybe In-Season plan first and then the Polarized SS to get ready for the long rides?

What would you suggest since like I said the rides do develop into mini races?

For your group rides - how long are they? I would concentrate on your power for now given your CTL is good?

Thus your road interval plan and then the road in season plan.

Then cycle back to sweet spot part 4 to rebuild some CTL

The group rides can be 40 to as much as 60 miles long. It would be about 6 weeks before they heat up.

So finish off the Interval for Road racing and then go into the “In Season” plan then come back to the SS for the longer rides?

Thanks for the quick reply I am getting a lot out of your site!

Yes then sweet spot part 4

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Perfect Thanks so much! I’m off to get them now!

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