Which 6 week sweet spot plan


2 questions.

I’m signed up for Steamboat Gravel in August and have the Gravel Grinder plan cued up to end for that race and I am currently on the Morgul Bismark plan for that race. Which SS plan (2 or 3) will give me the best CTL gains before starting the Gravel plan?

I had purchased the “flat” Gravel plan back in December or January. Steamboat is not exactly flat. What, if any, modifications should I make to that plan other than adding more climbing.



Just add more climbing! Make your intervals on terrain similar to the race. Any interval can be done on flats or climbing.

Between race plans go with sweet spot 2. Slightly less intensity than the plans you have been on and will be good to bring down, while raising CTL and ramping back before Steamboat.

"for best CTL gains’ go ahead and project out your CTL now from these plans - all the way thru Steamboat.

See where it peaks out - does that fall in line with our Masters CTL recommendations?

If so then you are all set. If not perhaps boost the TSS from your Gravel Simulation Rides on Saturdays per your plan from say a 4 hour day to a 5 hour day (since Steamboat is going to be 7-9 hours)