Training Plan Recommendation

Hi! Is the 18 week Sweet Spot training plan a great ride prep for Ride the Rockies ( week long road ride event) in June? I want to use it as base training for Steamboat Gravel, CO in August too. Ride the Rockies itself will provide additional training as well.

I was thinking of picking a 6week+ gravel plan for Steamboat Gravel 60mile race. Any recommendation on training plans for Steamboat Gravel too? I’m not looking to place, but do well for me.

Thanks so much!

Hiya @lisarjancy - yes to the 18 weeks of sweet spot plan - it is our #1 base training plan. Would be phenomenal for RTR.

For SBTG - we have a six week Steamboat Gravel specific Plan as I did the first year event:

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Awesome, thank you! :tiger: