Plan for stage MTB race

I signed up for the BC bike race which is a 7 day 300k plus race over technical single track with 10k meters of climbing. I did the race two years ago, but really felt under-trained for the multiple day hard, hard efforts. I’m looking for a plan that will put my body in the state to push harder this coming july. Any ideas?
I’m three weeks into the base build right now…


The BC Bike race is on my bucket list @ethansatler -

Next July is 11 months away so you want to undergo our 32 week off season training plan:

Put some muscle on your bones, train it to make alot of power and then build a large aerobic base (both in our 32 week plan)

Then roll into our XC intervals plan and then do some racing as training too!

Good luck!


With the racing I plan to do between now and race day, I was thinking of the base +weights, which I have and then engaging in the SS training as that feels like a week spot. Since the BCBR is 50 k days, most days are about gauging efforts and not totally all out power. And then repeating this cycle until July. will I have the same results as the 32 week base?

The sweet spot work is the ‘base’ - so you don’t need to repeat it. After you’ve followed that 32 week plan you will need and want to step on the gas and start doing some XC style intervals.

After those XC intervals use our sweet spot marathon plan to work on your ‘diesel’ for the BCBR


Thanks for the quick replies…Since I am doing the base and weights till November, should I stop that plan and do the 32 week base and then the mtb marathon? I’ll have 2.5 months to build the punch and diesel until the race.

I’m trying to get this right as I want to have a little more depth of fitness than last time. I was able to survive…

And if so, can I swap in plans and pay the difference?

@FRANK sorry for questions again, with less than 32 weeks out from my A race of the BCBR can you help with two questions. I just finished base + weights (which was awesome). so…

  1. should I do the 18 week SST plan now OR
    the 6 week MTB intervals then the 6 weeks MTB marathon SS and repeat these two plans till race day?

  2. I wanna have a coaching help to adjust the plan and look at my numbers, when would be the best time for this, I can swing two months so I have to pin point it.

now i’m ready for more.

Hi @ethansatler - check out our 16 week ‘weights + base’ plan

Since its 16 weeks, you still benefit from the weight lifting but have more flexibility for what to do after. Still drive your CTL up as much as possible (this plan includes Sweet Spot 1) but you’ll be able to move onto XC Intervals or Sweet Spot Marathon MTB per your time frame.

Thanks again for answering a repetitive question, I got the mtb intervals and marathon loaded up after doing the base + weights again.

looking forward to lots of FTP gains and mental strength.


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