MTB Endurance Race Prep for 2022

Hi Frank and crew-

I’m targeting the Trans Portugal MTB stage race next year (May 15 - 22), as well as High Cascade 100 (July 15). I could use a sanity check and advice on the training plans and progression.

  • Started 18 weeks of sweet spot this week.
  • Follow that up with sweet spot 4/polarized?
  • Then maybe the Breck Epic training plan? Trans Portugal is ~500mi, 50K feet of climbing over 8 days, so a lot like Breck Epic (minus the altitude). Never done this before, but not too technical and just lots of hours in the saddle and a LOT of climbing.
  • TP race, then recover for a week or a bit more
  • Then I have a solid 6 weeks of training before I taper for HC100. What plan should I do here?
  • Race HC100 (I’ve done this one before, so no surprises here, but hoping for a PR given the fitness from all the above).


HI Jeff - not insane at all!

What is insane is that you left off weight lifting :wink: Lotta watts to be gained from a weight lifting program followed by build a big aerobic base (sweet spot style)

I’d start there as designed in our off season plan:

Not sure the date that will end for you but then you are ready to switch from bas to race with climbing intervals :muscle:

start there and other plans to consider are our marathon mtb plan and sweet spot part 4

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