What if I have more time than I thought?

Hi FasCat coaches,

So I know this question should have been asked before I bought a plan and I know I should FTFP I bought! BUT I have to ask…I recently purchased the new 30wk weights, SSB plan at an ‘intermediate’ level (8-10hrs p/wk as 10hrs has been my usual amount) however given my goals for next year are bigger I’ve now decided I want to commit more and want to add some more hours of training, 2-3hrs p/w more which would have put me in the low end of the advanced plan with 12- 13 hours p/w

I’m not sure where the additional hours of training are included in an advanced plan but can I simply ‘add’ an hour or so to each of my longer weekend rides to bolster up my hours training or will this be either detrimental to the rest of the plan or a waste of my energy/time as it won’t be focused training?

Welcome thoughts!

Thanks as always for any wisdom

Hi Nick,

I would stick with the Intermediate plan.

The Intermediate plan peaks with some weeks in the 10-12 hour range, whereas the Advanced plan peaks with weekly volume in the 16-18 hour range. The Advanced sounds like it’s both a bit too much for your schedule and a big jump from previous volume.

For people on the edge between two levels of plans we usually suggest you go with the lighter plan but add a bit of volume as you’ve suggested.


Thank you again @Christian :raised_hands: I will continue to FTFP and tag a little on when I can to my weekend rides.