If more time available, where to add more training in my plan

Hey guys

Just received my first Fascat plan and very excited.
I follow the new 30 weeks offseason plan (intermediate 9-12hrs).

Question. What can I do if I suddenly have weeks where I can train more than planned. Can I add more endurance (zone 2) to the weekend rides? Add Zone 2 hours to the harder days (after the intervals) or simply just FTFP and 100% stick to the plan given?

I understand that the recovery can be compromised and thus the freshness into the next days planned training. Therefore I see adding and hours to the weekend rides as the best option as monday is a rest day.

FTFP or add zone 2 hrs or other idea?
Thanks a lot


Hey @Morten1980 !
If you have extra time, adding more zone 2 is perfectly fine and can actually be beneficial so long as you can handle the volume.

During the week I suggest adding it to your Wednesday or Thursday rides (not tuesdays since you will need to be fresh for Wednesdays intervals).

On the weekends you can add it to either day, but Saturday is preferred so that you are not tacking too much onto your Sunday ride and lowering your chance of fully recovering for your Tuesday intervals.

Hi Lancey
Fantastic. I hoped to be able to add a bit more hours to some weeks in the 9-12 hrs plan rather than using a higher volume plan of yours and then soon after realize that I cannot find the time

Thanks for the reply :smile:

Lets make 2022 a great year

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