UPDATED Coaching Subscription!

Hey FasCats!

We are excited to let you know that we have been doing some tweaking to how our coaching subscription works so that it will better benefit our athletes! We will now be answering your training questions, making training plan revisions and analyzing all of your power data within TrainingPeaks instead of requiring you to post in the forum.

Here’s how the new coaching subscription works:

Step # 1: Attach us to your TrainingPeaks account (you completed this already)

To get started add help@fascatcoaching.com as your “Coach” in your TrainingPeaks account under Account > Coaches > type in: “help@fascatcoaching.com

Step #2: FtFP (Follow Your Plan) and make 'it turn green’

Step # 3: Leave Feedback & Ask Questions

Follow the Instructions in this workout about leaving feedback and asking questions. Look for this workout to be added to your training calendar upon starting your coaching subscription.

Step # 4: Enter your Goals into TrainingPeaks

Use your training calendar to plan out your race(s) so your Coach will know when and what type of race to help you with.

Include B races, vacations you can’t ride, vacations you can ride a LOT (training camps) - anything that will help your coach revise your training plan better.

Every 4 weeks your FasCat Coaches will analyze:

**your power data

** your training plan(s)

** YOUR Progress towards your GOALS

We look forward to helping you ride faster and #FtFP’ing even better!


What about existing subscriptions, just checked on TP and i can’t find that workout and the guidelines there, or we should wait until it’s all synced ?



We will be updating all the existing athletes soon, be on the lookout :slight_smile:


Does the coaching subscription require a Premium account in TrainingPeaks or will basic work?

Free works but premium is really nice. You can use code 40bcgold2020 once to take 40% off a year sub which is pretty good. 20% off codes are also plentiful if you google for them.


Just as Chad said, you do not need a premium subscription for our coaching but it is nice.
With the 20% off coupon it comes out to about $8/month for premium.

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My coach @Allie had posted info on past subscription slot in my TP but I had not received any notification of this until he posted today in a future slot. What is going on with the notification process ? @Allie I have posted feedback as requested.

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Notifications are a premium feature in TP - double check you e upgraded from basic to Premium

I responded to the last and next coaching feedback in hopes that you’d see it!! Sorry about the notifications! I’ve been checking :slight_smile:


I’ve been a premium member for years so no need for upgrade.

Is the coaching subscription still being offered? When I click on the link, it is sending me to this page: Optimization & Training Plan Subscription – FasCat Coaching

Hi there @clearinterface - our coaching subscriptions are our Hire a Coach: