End of season FTP

Asking a question out of curiosity. Last Tuesday I did an FTP Field Test out on the road after completion of the Road Race Inteval Plan. No racing, just training is search of a 4.5 wkg FTP. I am 49 and weigh 148lbs. During the test I did 306 avg watts 307 normalized watts.

Since I felt motivated this week, I did a long tempo ride Tuesday then decided to participate in 2
short zwift races with 10-15 minutes between them. The first one was 25:21 and I did 291 avg watts and 303 normalized. The second race was 20:48 and I did 290 avg watts and 297 normalized watts.

So, what is my FTP and W/KG? I am thinking 4.3?

Now, time to shut it completely down for some rest!

Ed K

Your 20 minute field test effort was 306 and your Zwift races back that number up pretty well. The first one was a little longer than 20 minutes and not going to repeat that effort the second time. So pretty confident that your FTP would be around 291 watts which makes your W/KG 4.3

Enjoy your rest!

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