Sweet Spot and Decreasing TSS

I’ve started on the 18 weeks of sweet spot, and notice my CTL is projected to fall about 15% over the first month. This seems counter to the objective of building a bigger engine… Is this common?

Correct @mtballday - something is amuck but I don’t know what…What have you been doing prior to starting the 18 weeks of sweet spot plan?

In terms of riding, hours week, etc…?

I did the weights plan, but looking back at it, I had quite a few ‘extra’ TSS every week so maybe my CTL is currently reading higher than the plan assumes. Some were from AT skiing, but I did also count the TSS from the riding before and after weights workouts, which now that I look at it, those TSS aren’t really included in the plan.

Yea, huh, could be - hard for me to say without getting into your TrainingPeaks to have a look. You can post the last 90-180 days here so we can see.

Your PMC and the shape of your CTL should resemble a hockey stick from Adaptation > Hypertrophy and then ramping up especially from the sweet spot

Sure. Here it is. I did the weights plan from Oct 21 - Jan 5, so then CTL drops for the next month.
(If this is all getting too specific to me and dipping into the ‘set up a one-on-one’ territory, I get it).

It looks to me like the TSS’s from your 18 weeks SST plan are not 100% in there. Did you buy a basic plan by chance? Care to post weeks 3 & 4?

Weeks three and four are on there – that is showing through something like week 7.

I double-checked in training peaks – it is the 32 weeks resistance + sweet spot intermediate plan.

I also tried inserting the plan in for next year, and then compared the weekly TSS between this and next year, and they seem to be the same (except I made a few minor tweaks to this years plan).

FWIW, here is the whole thing out to the end of the 22 weeks plan:

Thanks for looking at it.

from your calendar tab - I want to double check your individual TSS’s per each workout.

Ultimately if you are #FtFP’ing and making it turn green you are going to get faster. If you rode more than the plan called for previously then that might be the culprit

Is this what you meant by post weeks 3 & 4 then?