Weight Training Plan

What is the difference between the basic, intermediate and advanced plans. I listened to the podcast and I’d like to try the plan described.

The difference is with the amount of riding. The weight training is exactly the same.

In the advance plan there are some double days with lifting and training rides, outside of warm up and cool down spin you get with the weight training days.

Basic is for truly beginner riders. Intermediate is perfect for almost everyone.

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I typically get the Basic, b/c that’s what time I have- are you saying that I should get the Intermediate weight plan?

Also, does the weight include everything? (Meaning, should my 18 weeks of sweet spot plan and the weight plan overlap?


The weight plan ‘resistance’ training plan is 10 weeks and a stand alone plan. You would not want to do that on top of the 18 week sweet spot plan. During the weight plan there are specific riding workouts that go with the gym work, muscle tension intervals, sprints, and standing starts. These are on the bike strength workouts that compliment the work you do in the gym.

You can do the basic plan if that is all you have time for. The amount of time spent in the gym, reps, and weights is the same in the basic, intermediate and advance plans. The difference is the amount of time spent on the bike.

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